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Created by Architectural Model Makers in Dubai, RJ Models’s Latest Global Cruise Terminal and Luxurious AIDA Cruises Models that Stuns the Entire Audience!

Dubai, a little fishing town unknown to the world, has developed into the most populated city in the UAE in a short 20 plus years and is also the wealthiest financial center in the Middle East.

From the construction of the “7-Stars” luxurious sailboat hotel, Burg Al Arab Jumeirah, to the Dubai Palm Jebel Ali, to Ain Dubai the world’s largest observation wheel, and other large-scale city landmarks astonishing to the world, Dubai strives to gradually transform the country, known for its exportation of oil, into a world-class commercial and leisure touristic destination.

An architectural model of Dubai’s Palm Islands, acclaim as the world’s eighth wonder and the largest human-made islands in history.

An urban planning model display of the world’s largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, set to complete in 2020.

Dubai’s ambition and imagination are inexhaustible.

Just recently, the Dubai government formally announced plans to develop a new “Dubai Harbour” located on the south bank of the Persian Gulf covering an area of more than 10-million square meters.

The new Dubai Harbour will house a 1,400-berth marina, a 135-meters tall lighthouse, a cruise port and terminal with the capacity to handle 6000 tourists and a 150,000-meters long port.

The Dubai government uses the city’s port ideal geographical location to promote Dubai’s transformation into a fully-equipped hub for the maritime tourism industry and to create the region’s largest port.

The new Dubai Harbour project locates itself next to Dubai’s Jebel Ali, one of Dubai’s Palm Islands. (Image Sourced from the Internet)

Consequently, Dubai based holding company Meraas entrusted architectural model makers in Dubai, RJ Models with the task of constructing the model for the Dubai Harbour project.

RJ Models accepted with honor and completed a 1:400 model showing the development plans of Dubai Harbour and a 1:150 Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal.

The architectural models exhibit not only provide a visual but also a detailed overview of the Dubai Harbour grand masterplan to the government officials and the investors.

The architectural model construction process of Dubai Harbour project in 1:400 and 1:150:

The architectural model of Dubai Harbour development plan at 1:400, measuring 10,000mm x 6,500mm.

The cruise terminal model of the Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal at 1:150, measuring 1,000mm x 4,000mm.

As a leader in the architectural model makers in Dubai, RJ Models, Founder, Ray Cheung and CEO Dani A Beterrani made immediate contact upon receiving the full brief of the project.

They discussed and confirmed the specifics of the architectural model construction plans, the scope of the model, the style at which the model would display and other details concerning the project, achieving a satisfactory product delivery and service to the client in the shortest period.

At the same time, RJ Models dedicated more than ten architectural model makers in Dubai to draft out the design plans of Dubai Harbour and also more than 10 CNC carving machine and 3D printing technology to manufacture the components of the architectural model rapidly.

Dubai’s President Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Ai Maktoum observing the 1:400 architectural model exhibit of the Dubai Harbour development plan. (Image sourced from the Internet)

RJ Models worked untiringly for four weeks, with the support from more than 50 individuals.

Our architectural model makers in Dubai ranged from managers responsible for keeping the progress of the project in check, to the model lighting technicians, to the professionals responsible for the building structure and the landscape manufacturing experts.

They worked with first-class manufacturing efficiency to produce the architectural model, complete with packaging, installation service and timely delivery to Dubai, a city approximately 6,000km away from Shenzhen.

The 1:400 architectural model of Dubai Harbour development plan displays the plans for the 1,400-berth marina, the luxurious hotel, high-end residential accommodation, retail area and the city’s large green spaces.

Located next to the Cruise Terminal, the yachts moor in the calm water of the marina.

Located next to the Cruise Terminal, the yachts moor in the calm water of the marina.

The audience can observe from the model of Dubai Harbour development plan, the marina, designed to excellent international standards.

Create an unforgettable experience and enjoy the majestic and spectacular aerial view of Dubai city sights onboard a private plane.

The elements that make up the model share the same function and that is to collectively create a pleasant scenery based on the proprietor’s imagination of this attractive and charming future coastal development by our architectural model makers in Dubai.

Also, during the construction of the 1:150 Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal, the focus was placed on the display of the many luxury cruise liners and superyachts.

From the entire Dubai Harbour design including the construction of the foundation, the super cruise liners and the luxurious superyachts moor at the berth, the enchanting scene of Dubai Harbour is presented by the craftsmen ingenious details.

Dubai’s President Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Ai Maktoum observing the 1:150 model of the Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal. (Image Sourced from the Internet)

RJ Models constructed the 1:150 Dubai Harbour Marina with the latest yacht models from world’s luxury yachting brands, such as Azimut, Beneteau, Ferretti, Sunseeker.

The different model yachts with their sleek and stunning profiles quietly moor by the berth, presenting itself in front of its owner to offer a comfortable, elegant and relaxed lifestyle.

Whether it is from the sleek exterior or the display of craftsmanship, every yacht looks grand and luxurious.

From the Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal Model, it is easy to see Dubai’s passion for fulfilling its ambition in becoming a high-end commercial and holiday destination.

The final showcase of the Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal model construction is the eye-catching cruise liners from AIDA Cruises.

AIDA Cruises is a cruise brand under the world’s renowned, as well as, the largest cruise holiday company Carnival Corporation & PLC.

It has 12 cruise line brands including the Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America Lines, Costa Cruises and others.

During the construction of the Cruise Terminal model, RJ Models has the privilege to specially recreate a 1:400 and 1:150 model of the well-known  AIDA Cruises also known as “Goddess of the Cruise liner”, complete with its eye-catching hull symbol – “the kissing lips” – a hallmark of all AIDA fleet.

Carnival Corporation & PLC together with Dubai’s government and investment company Meraas Holdings form a strategic alliance to promote Dubai into an ideal international maritime holiday destination through the development of Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal.

It is also to allow Dubai Harbour to be the gateway for people to explore the world.

Consequently, Carnival Corporation & PLC entrusted RJ Models the task of constructing the models of the grand and elegant AIDA Cruises to display on the Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal model.

Before the manufacturing of all the components that made up the AIDA Cruises models, our architectural model makers in Dubai went through the design plans of the liner repeatedly to ensure that the model presents the sleekness of the hull and the cruise liner configuration details realistically.

From the initial drawings to the fittings of the lights on the model, to the hand-fitted components and the paintwork, every part of the manufacturing process is an effort to bring out the grandeur and elegance of the cruise liner’s ornamental design to reflect the actual ship.

To stay true to AIDA Cruises elegant and exquisite design, RJ Model dedicated a team of 15 architectural model makers, solely responsible for the production quality of the cruise liner model.

Our architectural model makers added human figures to the model to create a realistic scene and atmosphere on the AIDA Cruises model.

RJ Models lighting specialists fitted the lights on the model with the most stringent adjustment to ensure that the light fittings on the AIDA Cruises model are an exact representation of the actual one.

To enhance the vividness of the model scene, RJ Models created patterned stickers down to the exact proportion of the various function spaces and decorations, including the hidden lightings, are faithfully represented.

Such attention to details when building the model exhibit presents endless pleasant design surprise to the audience in their viewing process, creating a visual feast.

On the deck, the tourist having a relaxing time sunbathing on loungers.

On the model, a light-structured glass roof covers the swimming pool area, with skylight windows that open up, allowing holiday goers the chance to enjoy the view of blue sky and clouds.

Below the promenade deck lies a row of lifeboats and above it most of the cabins, even the single berth cabin comes with a private balcony, providing a more ergonomic cruise experience in comparison to a windowless cabin.

Onboard the cruise liner, tourists can detach themselves from their daily routine to truly relax and enjoy the leisure facilities, take a stroll on the promenade deck or enjoy the sea breeze and the view of the sea.

The realistic and vivid scenery display of the architectural model allows the Dubai Government and investors to clearly and vividly see the vision of Dubai Harbour.

Through the model, the audience can easily visualize cruising along in the ocean, along with the brilliance reflection of the crystal clear water and waking up to a beautiful view of the ocean’s horizon.

Even the CEO of Carnival Holdings & PLC cannot contain his awe and compliments: “It’s the best cruise ship model I have ever seen!”.

The above picture shows a comparison between the AIDA Cruises model and its early design plan.

Upon its estimated completion in the year 2020, the new Dubai Harbour will cover an estimated area of 20 million square feet.

It will be the Middle East and North Africa largest marina.

It will house a shopping mall, luxury residences, restaurants, cafes, yacht clubs and the new Dubai Lighthouse (a 135 meters tall masterpiece), as well as sky land and sea access.

The entire Dubai Harbour will connect through a network of monorail and water transportation system.

Three super liners docking at Dubai Harbour. Just another attraction to look forward to when visiting Dubai next.

The new Dubai Harbour will become the home port and transit hub for Carnival Corporation & PLC fleet of cruise liners, promoting Dubai global profile as a cruise ship hub, providing local residences and tourists from all over the world with an enjoyable, luxurious and relaxing maritime holiday.

RJ Models not only faithfully but also skillfully and realistically simulated every possible scenery in different proportions and scales to their architectural models in Dubai, with thoughtfulness not once but over and over again.

About 3DR Models:

3DR Models was established in 1989, is one of the leading model making companies worldwide.

As a professional model maker in U.A.E, 3DR Models located in Dubai and cooperate with RJ Models for more than 15 years.

3DR Models and RJ Models currently have 18% of the world’s model making’s market, occupying 12,800 square meters with over 500 in manpower, producing over 60 architectural models per month.

About RJ Models

For 23 years now, RJ Models has grown to be a leader in the world-class architectural model makers in Dubai. It offers a range of top quality architectural model with a tight deadline for competitive rates. With RJ Models, clients can enjoy all our team support to focus on your project.

At every stage, RJ Models aims to provide top-quality architectural models to boost our client’s business to all architecture in the world.

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